Friday, May 4, 2007

Indie Coffee

While Googling to doublecheck the name of the coffee shop I went to in downtown Charlottesville, VA, last weekend, Mudhouse, I came upon this great resource:

As I battle the increasingly milky Starbucks latte (you'd think a Triple Tall Latte would do the trick, but no) and discover that non-Bay Area Peets' drinks are weaker than the originals, Indie Coffeshops are about the only places left for real coffee.


Courtenay said...

OMG you were in Charlottesville?! Lucky!
You definitely went to the right coffee shop, if you had asked me beforehand where to go I would have sent you to the Mudhouse.

Scott Nygaard said...

Yeah, we played the Gravity Lounge, which is about 2 blocks away. What was weird was that as our van pulled in these two guys with Kodak Gallery/Sierra Nevada jerseys rolled by, with race numbers on their bikes. I walked in the direction they'd come to find people packing up from that day's stage of the Tour of Virginia.